Name time

Hello everybody,
I realised I had forgotten to update you when my brother and his fiancee named their rabbit (I’ve added the name to the post now) but they’ve called her Luna.
I wonder how long it would have taken them to name her if I hadn’t nagged…and my mum kept suggesting Luna as a name (and they couldn’t agree on anything else).

Have you taken a long time to name a pet? Are you trialing names right now? Have you and your family/partner argued over a name and are all too stubborn to compromise? I’d love to hear about it.


New furry niece

Hi guys, Thought you’d love to know that my older brother and his fiancee bought a 4 month old rabbit the other day to add to their furry family (including 2 rats named Spazzy and Lovebutt and a few guppies) but unfortunately she has no name yet. I am impatiently waiting for her to be named and keep making suggestions for them, any ideas you might have? She’s adorable anyways 🙂 Stay happy guys

**UPDATE** her name is Luna