Adopting an ex-racing greyhound

When considering adopting a new furry family member, not many people think about ex-racing greyhounds. Ex-racer greyhounds require loving homes to be adopted into, same as any animal from a pet store, breeder or adoption centre. When asked about a greyhound’s temperament, dog behaviourist Tammy Mathers said ‘greyhounds are a very loving breed…’their temperaments are extremely friendly, gentle and calm, with a bit of a reputation of being couch potatoes’.


Ex-racer, Billy (shown above) was retired at the very young age of two as he was a terrible racer and was given to the Greyhound Adoption Centre (GAP). Animal lover Janelle Fisher adopted Billy in a heartbeat and when asked why, she said ‘there are so many ex-racers out there that need homes…greyhounds are the sweetest dogs [so] it was a no-brainer to adopt one’. She was extremely enthusiastic about adopting another greyhound in the future and for other people to adopt them as well. Mathers states that GAP is the best place for adoption as they do temperament tests so the future owners know that their greyhound will be a loving part of the family.


Both Mathers and Fisher both strongly recommend the adoption of greyhounds, specifically ex-racers and Mathers offered her professional opinion for those who were still unsure ‘like any breed of dog, consideration should be given to available time for training and exercise’ she said ‘[they] can be challenging to train, particularly the “sit” command’, however, she states they are generally couch potatoes so they’re ‘better suited to being indoors with the family rather than outdoor pets’. Yet, she advises that due to ex-racers having limited socialization and the instinct to chase movement ‘caution should be taken if there are cats and/or small animals in the home [however] greyhounds make a lovely pet, and can suit both quiet and active homes’.


So, why not think about adoption or even visit the GAP website and you might even fall in love with your next four-legged family member.




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